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Real-time Transactions

All transactions are processed instantly without breaking a sweat.

Safe and Secure

We utilize robust security infrastructure with full data encryption and protection against DDOS attacks.

Full Control

Maintain full access to your account from managing your personal details to making payments.

Need a cashback when you refinance?

Switch your home loan to us and get $2,000 cashback.

Whether to buy a car, pay school fees, for home improvement needs or business financing, our loans offers you a quick, convenient financing solution.

Apply by 28/03/2023. Min loan amount $250k and LVR up to 80%. Eligibility criteria, exclusions, fees apply.

Manage your Transactions

Get Started in minutes

Getting started with an account, takes just minutes, and because we don’t believe in branches, you can set one up directly from your phone.

Stash away your spare change

Round up every card transaction to the nearest whole number, and we’ll stash your spare change away for you to put towards your goals.

Instant spending notifications

We’ll send you a notification the second you make a payment with your card, even before the receipt has finished printing.

Built-in budgeting

We’ll show you exactly where your investment is going each month, and even let you set up monthly budgets for things like restaurants and groceries.

Transfer globally

Transfer money abroad in 30 currencies with the finance exchange rate. A flat mark-up on weekends and on certain currencies may apply, it’s only fair.

Send and request financial assistance in seconds

Instantly send and request money from your friends at the touch of a button, and attach notes to make things a little more interesting.

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